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Group Activities


Aitken Spence is the proud owner of a chain of luxury hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka, Maldives, India and Oman. With over three decades of experience in the hospitality industry, our expertise in hotel design, building and management is complemented by our dedication and commitment to excellence in everything we offer. 

We’ve received a number of international accolades for our high quality cuisine, service excellence, building conservation and environmental care at our hotels.



Given its strategic geographical position in South Asia, Sri Lanka is poised to become a services hub in the region.  We intend to take advantage of this to realize our vision of expanding regionally and ultimately globally by leveraging our leading position in Sri Lanka’s services sector. This will be supplemented by the strong relationships we have with leading global partners.

  • Inbound Tourism 
  • Airline Agencies
  • Conventions & Exhibitions                 
  • Outbound Travel
  • Elevator Agency 
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance 
  • Genuity
  • Technologies 
Inbound Tourism
Airline Agencies
Conventions & Exhibitions
Outbound Travel
Elevator Agency
Financial Services

Logistic Solutions

We have integrated our operations in air-sea freight forwarding, warehousing, distribution, couriers and transport to provide a total, seamless solution to the import and export sectors alike. Aitken Spence also provides container modification and repair facilities.  

Our services cover the complete physical cargo flow process from shipper to recipient. To add to a range of services, we also handle third and fourth party logistics management contracts.


  • Integrated Logistics 
  • Freight Forwarding 
  • Cargo Aviation 
  • Maritime Services 
  • Mail & Courier services             

Strategic Investments  

A successful conglomerate is reinforced by astute investments and strategic partnerships. Aitken Spence has diversified interests ensuring sustained growth in sectors such as power generation, plantations, garment manufacture, elevator agency and infrastructure development. All of these sectors have proven to be significant initiatives with vigorous activity and returns.

  • Power Generation Plantations            
  • Garment Manufacture
  • Printing and Packaging

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